Wow it's been a while...

So... just dropping in to say it's been another crazy year. I keep saying "I should do a blog about opening a retail brick and mort... what now!" but the long and short of it is- it's exhausting and demanding without even getting into the world health crisis and what that means for doing what we planned: a cool place to hang, make music, read poetry, brainstorm for activism, and maybe hopefully some commerce.

When we finally got to let people in in June it was immediately apparent that dealing in only spoken word vinyl was kind of a silly idea, maybe not so silly when we'd be around the corner from THE New Paltz record store, which closed before we could open. So the box of music vinyl I put out was gone almost immediately and I dove straight into a new world, the vinyl record trade. Compared to the book trade, it's similar but different in ways I'll probably write about someday- but vibrancy comes to mind first. 

The concept behind Parlor is demonstrably solid, when it was warm enough to play music outside, we got dispersed but animated crowds. 

Anyhow I'm gonna say Happy Holidays here and my New Years resolution shall be to write a blog post at least once a month, which was my resolution last year too but whateves. Explore this site, we're toiling away refining it all the time. -Kevin Kelly


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