Parlor recordings is launched! 

Scheduled Upcoming Events:


1/14 Will Heel

1/28 Georgie (art opening)

Some our records are listed on the site, voila

So old it feels new, Parlor is a bookshop environment, a space designed to celebrate music, exchange ideas, buy a book, and other things that might also happen. Parlor is new. Parlor is at 8 South Chestnut Street. Parlor is not a place to read about, Parlor is a place to be.

HOURS: SAT-TUES 11-7 (but often earlier and later), other times by appt.)

Visit and follow @parlornewpaltz on insta for updates on the latest- we often do last minute announcements of happenings partly cause thats how they happen but also to avoid more people than we can safely accomodate given safety concerns. These sometimes get streamed live or posted on youtube after.

We've been having shows on Saturday with growing regularity, a schedule will be here soon but keep eye on insta for now. Remember, this is a small venue so we don't announce far in advance; We really don't want to turn away people on the night of a show. It's worth following us or asking what's happening to get the tea. If you're a band or artist seeking a venue, email first and be prepared to have a telephone or in person meeting prior to getting a booking. Bear with us responding as there's a lot of interest. 

Sunday Jazz is 3-6 led by Danny- it's been getting really good. After six looser jams often occur, sometimes as late as 10

We're starting a record label! Check out our Patreon for detes here.

live music that's happened on our soundcloud channel. Stay tuned for more formal releases with limited run vinyl pressings available.

Parlor is equipped for recording and is available for those services, please enquire for details.

A new video [2023] Videos created by John Ackerman and Parlor

 An old video:

sign of the parlor