Sliver Mince & Jelly

Sliver Mince and Jelly first met at John Cage’s daughters wedding (they were roadies for a band that was booked by mistake). The drummer of that band later came to be known as Banksy.
“Sliver Mince” is a delicacy known only to resident’s of Sebastion’s Pool, A small province just outside of Brussels. The name is a bit of a joke: Jellies have been outlawed in the province since the Queen Anne’s War, before Lemuel Gulliver came up with Sliver Mince; It’s eaten with jams and preserves though.
Marcel DuChamp saw the roadies tuning a guitar and drums and exclaimed “Eureka”, which was the bands pseudonym until 2008.
Until they discovered Parlor of New Paltz, Their exclusive agent for the Americas hemisphere they played only at Dan Barber's Blue Hill Farm (incidentally the only place Sliver Mince has been served outside Sabastion's Pool or Copenhagen.
Their music defies categorization. You just have to see it until their agent's breaks their will to eschew releasing recorded music.