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 [Smyth, Henry DeWolf]
[The "Smyth Report" on Atomic Energy for Military Purposes, in Russian.]. [Moscow], 1946. Octavo. 276pp. Illustrated. Modern cloth, Original front wrapper bound in.
First Edition in Russian. Printing and the Mind of Man 422e (describing the English language edition printed the preceding year. Published in the U. S. six days after HIroshima, this is ".the remarkably full and candid account of the development work carried out between 1940 and 1945 by the American-directed but internationally recruited team of physicists.which culminated in the production of the first atomic bomb." (PMM) Smyth was chairman of the Department of Physics at Princeton, and his account of the "Manhattan Project" is the first officially published description of the immediate history of atomic reaction following Hahn and Strassman's Discovery of Nuclear fission, 1939. (#kfk523)