from the collection of Nancy Willard

Nancy Willard, the award-winning, versatile author of dozens of volumes of children’s fiction and poetry, also wrote novels, poetry, short stories, and literary criticism for adults. The first recipient of a Newbery Medal for a volume of poetry, Willard mingled the “magical and the mundane” in a technique that “requires a leap of faith on the part of the reader,” according to Sybil Steinberg in a Publishers Weekly interview with the author. As E. Charles Vousden and Laura Ingram pointed out in their Dictionary of Literary Biography entry, “Everything [Willard] writes affirms her belief in the ‘magic view of life;’ that is, a view of life that incorporates the imagination and stresses the appropriateness of things meant to be taken metaphorically.” -The Poetry Foundation

The books and objects listed here are from the home of Nancy Willard, which appeared to have remained untouched from the time of her passing in 2017 until the contents were sold earlier this year.We will be adding to this collection frequently, inquire for details or updates.